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Trump keeps calling $750 tax payment a 'filing fee.' Experts say there's no such thing

Trump keeps calling $750 tax payment a 'filing fee.' Experts say there's no such thing submitted by jms1225 to politics [link] [comments]

In 2012, the Obama administration required airlines to show all mandatory fees and taxes in their advertised fares to consumers upfront. This was a massive win for consumers, as airlines were no longer able to pass a large share of the taxes onto consumers. Airlines subsequently lost revenue.

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TIL in 1924, a Chinese-American named Ben Fee was refused service at a San Francisco restaurant. He returned the next day with 10 white friends who each ordered the most expensive dish. Fee was again refused service. He then “confronted” his friends. They walked out, leaving the food unpaid for.

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TIL that it took 32 years to officially clear the parents in the famous “dingo took my baby case”. The mother spent three years in jail until evidence supporting their defense was found by chance. They ultimately received $1.3M for wrongful imprisonment, less than 1/3 of their legal fees.

TIL that it took 32 years to officially clear the parents in the famous “dingo took my baby case”. The mother spent three years in jail until evidence supporting their defense was found by chance. They ultimately received $1.3M for wrongful imprisonment, less than 1/3 of their legal fees. submitted by Miamime to todayilearned [link] [comments]

[Tu Diràs] Dani Alves: "I offered myself to Barça to come back. I went to Juve to prove I was still at a good level, I wanted to come back and Barça needed me. I'd have come as a free agent, without transfer fee, but they [the board] didn't have the balls to admit they had been wrong letting me go"

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I made the mistake of walking into Chinatown to pick up a takeaway for dinner. Next time I'll pay the delivery fee...

I made the mistake of walking into Chinatown to pick up a takeaway for dinner. Next time I'll pay the delivery fee... submitted by gb322 to london [link] [comments]

[Lakers Daily] Report: LeBron James and Michael Bloomberg helped pay $27 million in fines and fees to help felons vote

With perhaps the nation’s most consequential election ever just one day away, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been stepping up his activism.
He has teamed up with former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg to help ensure that felons in Florida will be able to vote.
“The multimillion-dollar effort by Michael Bloomberg, LeBron James and other celebrities to pay off lingering court fines and fees for Florida felons could make almost 13,000 of them eligible to vote in Tuesday’s election, an analysis by the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald and ProPublica found,” wrote Lawrence Mower and Langston Taylor of the Tampa Bay Times.
Florida could end up being the state that decides whether President Donald Trump wins a second term or Joe Biden becomes the 46th president of the United States.
In 2018, the people of the Sunshine State voted to allow felons to exercise their constitutional right to vote in elections.
However, earlier this year, the state legislature amended the law and required that felons pay all outstanding fines and fees to be legally allowed to vote.
It’s thought that allowing such residents to vote in Florida could be the tipping point that allows Biden to win there.
Link to article
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Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi on the Liberals’ university fee rise: “This bill is shit.”

Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi on the Liberals’ university fee rise: “This bill is shit.” submitted by thedigisup to australia [link] [comments]

Transaction fee for a purchase? What about a refund?

A few years ago I was at a pet shop picking out some toys for my cat, and the total ended up being ~$40. I paid with my card because I don't carry cash on me, which was all fine and good until I had another browse of the store and decided I wanted to get some treats for my cat as well. I think they were around $5.
I went to pay for them at the counter with my card and the ownecashier refused to put my purchase through unless it was over $20. She said they get charged a transaction fee for card purchases so only allow card purchases for amounts over $20. I asked if they could just add the surcharge on top of the amount, but she refused. I had to spend over $20 to use my card.
I was pretty annoyed considering I had just bought a whole heap of stuff, so I asked if she got charged a transaction fee if I got a refund... turns out they do :)
So I asked to return the other stuff that I bought, got my money back and I guess they got charged the transaction fee twice anyway :)
Edit: I just want to say, don't feel bad about the store. They treated their animals really horribly. You can google "@pets melbourne central" and see the number of petitions people created to shut the store down.
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Jay-Z Offers To Pay Bail Bonds And Citation Fees For Protesters Arrested In Wauwatosa

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Gym charged me $650 mystery fee

I'm not sure where else to put this. I signed up for a gym July 2019 - the deal was two years for the price of one if you paid right there, right then - so I did. I paid like $429 total.
Fast forward to today, I find the gym charged me $650. I don't know what for, I am mad, upset, annoyed, confused!
I called US Bank and they said if the gym doesn't cooperate they'll dispute it, but I feel like that's a big chunk to dispute. How can I ensure I get my money back? I have my contract that I signed from 2019. I am SO SO upset right now, and I've read online that this gym chain (Xsport) is notorious for being shady.
UPDATE: Went to the gym, they said that shouldn’t have happened and to contact them during working hours when the manager is there or contact corporate during those hours. Should get the $ back. To those saying "why post here - why not ask the gym?" Because it was the middle of the night when I found out about the charge and I have anxiety.
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AITA for replacing room keys for $2 to avoid a $250 fee in our housing units?

I live in a housing unit / dorm just outside of our college. It's not affiliated and is run by a third party company. It's a bit average, but it's an nice place to live and is a bit cheaper than living on campus.
The problem is our room keys. We use cards with magnetic strips on the back, like you would find in a motel. Most of these cards are between 3 and 6 years old, and in terrible condition - when you move in, you get given cards from the last people in that room and if you're lucky, you have minimal problems, but this is the minority more than the majority.
If you want a replacement card for any reason, you are charged $250. Lost, damaged or just not working - it's $250. Most people just make sure they come and go during office hours so the RA can let them in if their card doesn't work, or people just share within a room as they might have 1 working card between 4 people. This doesn't really work for me, because I work until 4am most nights, so if my card doesn't work, I have to sleep in my car until someone can let me into the building at 8am.
Recently my card stopped working altogether - wouldn't swipe in at all. The office staff told me it would be $250, despite the card being around since the beginning of time, which is clear because you can't even read the name of the company that was once printed on it. No exceptions. Now this sucks, because I - like most people here, don't just have a spare $250 for a card.
So I did a bit of research. A card with a mag stripe doesn't have a lot of security on it. So I purchased a $85 card readewriter from Amazon and had it sent to me overnight. The next day, I borrowed a roommates card, and cloned it onto a new blank card (the machine came with 20) and it worked amazingly. Problem solved. Of course, my roommates heard about this, so I cloned all their broken, worn cards onto new ones and we just threw the old ones into the office drop box.
This spread like wildfire, and when everyone started coming back after COVID restrictions, I was the go-to person for card replacements. I charged people $2 for the card ($1 to help me pay off the machine and $1 for the blank card) and then just threw the damaged cards in the office drop box as well.
The building administration caught on after I had done about 50 cards and asked to speak with me. They gave me a massive lecture on how I was depriving them of much needed income during a pandemic and that it was a security issue that I was cloning cards and said I need to stop what I was doing and they will be the only people who can provide cards.
I thought I was doing something good and helping out people who couldn't afford the replacement, but the lecture the administrators gave me got me thinking that I may be the AH as they're pretty good to us otherwise.
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[James Pearce] - Liverpool have now made their move for Thiago Alcantara. Understand that a fee of around 30million Euros has been agreed with Bayern Munich for the Spain international. What a signing for the Premier League champions.

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Spirit Airlines keeps rejoining me to their fare club and charging me a yearly fee no matter how many times I cancel.

(US) I have canceled my membership six or seven times. They charge my credit card (Capital One) for the renewal fee even though I wasn't a member, so I checked and they have just renewed my membership. I cancel the membership and check back a week later and I am a member again. I got a new card number from Capital One but they said if Spirit has my old number they can still charge me.
I am contesting the charge but the person I talked to said he sees this happen with Spirit Airlines "literally all the time".
And I just now got back on the Spirit airlines website and sure enough I am a member again, despite having received multiple cancellation confirmations.
Edit: I'm in the US.
I told Capitol One if they can't deal with this then I will have to cancel my card and get one with a different company. I just don't see how this shit is legal. What can I do?
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AITA for letting my boyfriend strugge with "adulting" when I went on a camping trip? And wanting him to pay for the consequences like late fees?

I've had a busy year at work and my boyfriend has had an even busier time with his phd thesis work, plus part time work to make money.
He's very much the scatterbrained academic type, so I tend to deal with the social planning, life logistics, chores, etc... More often. I don't love it and we've talked about taking on more equal roles once he finishes his phd. But he's crazy busy now.
Anyway, I had several weeks of time off that I haven't used because travel hasn't been possible, and I decided to take two weeks to do some wilderness camping and relax. It's a hobby my boyfriend doesn't share at all.
It was nice, I was out of touch for the whole time... But when I came back, my boyfriend wasn't happy that I hadn't better prepared for taking care of the basic life stuff.
Rent was due when I was away. I usually pay it then venmo request him for his share. But sometimes he will pay and then venmo request me for my share, usually at my reminder. Before I went on my trip, I sent him my share of the months rent on venmo. He didn't pay the rent and got a late fee.
He didn't pay his credit card bill. I usually pay his off (with money from his account) each month when I'm doing my own finances. He got a late fee there too.
He recently got a new car and the title was transferred. He needed to get the updated registration paperwork after the title transfer went through and sign it and put it in his car. He got pulled over because the car has windows that were apparently too dark tinted and then got an expensive ticket for driving unregistered.
He didn't remember that he had a friends birthday zoom-party to go to and his friend was upset
He forgot to register to vote on time...
And when I got back home, he was really upset with me for "leaving him with all the stuff I usually help with and costing us a lot of money"
I was upset with him because the things like rent and credit card bills happen every month, he should have noticed they are due every month on the same day without a reminder.
About his car, his friends birthday, his voting registration... It's his stuff? I probably would have remembered them all if i was in town but I guess I thought he'd know he'd have to keep track when I was out.
I said that it was stuff he was going to have to learn because I can't always be worrying about him, I need to be able to have a break and trust he has the basic life skills of paying rent and bills and stuff.
I also said I wanted him to pay all the late fees and ticket and everything, and we are arguing about that...
AITA for wanting him to take responsibility and not thinking it's my fault he failed at "adulting" when I had a vacation
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Chris Gayle has been fined 10 percent of his match-fee for breaching the Dream11 Indian Premier League's (IPL) Code of Conduct after throwing his bat in frustration after missing his century by 1 run. Gayle admitted to the Level 1 offence 2.2 of the IPL's Code of Conduct and accepted the sanction.

Chris Gayle has been fined 10 percent of his match-fee for breaching the Dream11 Indian Premier League's (IPL) Code of Conduct after throwing his bat in frustration after missing his century by 1 run. Gayle admitted to the Level 1 offence 2.2 of the IPL's Code of Conduct and accepted the sanction. submitted by thatsentimentalfool to Cricket [link] [comments]

Just made my first PayPal crypto purchase. 1000x easier than any other crypto purchase I’ve made and with zero fees. This feels like a huge positive step forward for adoption!

Just made my first PayPal crypto purchase. 1000x easier than any other crypto purchase I’ve made and with zero fees. This feels like a huge positive step forward for adoption! submitted by Craorcskosn to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

Stop lowering your fee for no good reason!

A friend of mine new to freelancing asked me what to do when a client comes back and says you're too expensive, the dreaded, "Is there anything we can do to lower the quote?" He was about to lower the quote for no reason, just to capture the business.
  1. It undermines your integrity. If you can lower your quote on a whim, then it means that your quote wasn't reflective of anything real to begin with--level of effort, hours involved, value added--you just made it up.
  2. You will resent working on the project because in the back of your mind, you'll know you undervalued yourself for no reason.
  3. This cheap client is now taking up space on your schedule for clients who may have been willing to pay your full fee. In our business where time is the only form of scarcity, opportunity cost is real!
This all assumes, of course, that your rate is viable (that is, you're actually winning projects at fees for similarly-sized projects), and that the client isn't asking you to change the requirements in order to lower the cost; that would be a legitimate reason to work with them on adjusting your fee.
(Custom) web development is not a commodity. Custom web development is not a yard sale. Stop negotiating against yourself.
EDIT: Thank you for the awards, kind Redditors! Carry on and keep winning those bids.
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Sergio Romero frustrated after United turned down Everton’s loan proposal, which included a £2 million fee and the coverage of his entire £100k/ week salary. [David Ornstein - The Athletic]

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WeGoBuy 11/11 Discounts Extravaganza >> BIG DISCOUNTS UP TO $90 USD! << 0% Service Fee & More

WeGoBuy 11/11 Discounts Extravaganza >> BIG DISCOUNTS UP TO $90 USD! << 0% Service Fee & More

WeGoBuy 11/11 Discounts Extravaganza!

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New 100k entry fee for rev caves

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Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting never generated any transfer fee throughout his whole career.

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Fee Badenius - YouTube K-fee Maschine von Aldi öffnen - YouTube Fee - Heidis Horror Picture Show - YouTube Fee - Mein Theologiestudium - YouTube Foundation for Economic Education - YouTube

Fee Feenart: Verbreitung: ganze Dere (besonders in Feenwäldern), Inseln im Nebel, Feenwelten, Silvanden Fae'den Karen: Größe: Sprache: Charakter: Verwandte Feenarten: Nanja, Nymphe, Ladifaahri, Si'ianna, Levschy: Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Ulisses Spiele und Uhrwerk Verlag: Feen sind wundersame Wesen, die in Feenwelten leben und diese aufgrund des Verlusts an Sikaryan durch den ... Seit über 35 Jahren Ihr starker Partner für Automation, Industriesoftware, Robotik, Eletrotechnik, Schaltschrankbau und Energietechnik. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'fee' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltrainer dict.cc Übersetzungen für 'fee' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen, ... FEE. Die Geschichte einer anhaltenden Musik-Pilger-Tour… Straßenmusik, Wohnzimmerkonzerte, WG-Sofakanten, Texte(n) ‚on the road’ – das ganze FEE.-Ding rollt immer vorwärts, Richtung Glücksgefühl – für Leute, zum versprühen.

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Fee Badenius - YouTube

Nachdem die Maschine einen lauten Knall machte, öffnete ich das Gerät um zu schauen woran es lag. Ich habe gehofft das ein Schlauch abgegangen wäre aber leid... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Fee geht einiges auf die Nerven. Insbesondere die Vorurteile gegenpüber ihres Studiums. Aber man kann ja drüber stehen. Mehr über Poetry Slam: https://www.fa... Wenn schlau das neue schön wäre...wie würde YouTube dann aussehen? Die Hirnis? BibisBrainiPallace? Geistreiche Beiträge statt Handy-Schmuck-Tutorials? Zu sch... "SORRY" hier streamen: http://bit.ly/FEE_spotify ----- https://www.feemusik.de https://www.facebook.com/feemusik https://ww...